Hey Sony!!! We're not feeling the love down here

There are times when I really wish I was living on one of the "First Class" continents….

In an article I read on Smarthouse News this morning we find out that Sony have left Australia off the list of countries getting the PVR plugin for the PS3 at launch time. This doesn’t affect me as I don’t own a PS3 but a couple of friends of mine were really looking forward to trying it out (you know who you are)…

Things we are still waiting for here in Oz

PS3 "PlayTV" plugin
Microsoft "Media Room" (good luck with that as it needs fibre to the home)
TiVo (although we should have this next year only 9 years after the US)
iTunes TV & Movies

I’m sure there are plenty of others, the silly thing is that Australia is a really good testbed for gadgets, we tend to adopt new technologies faster than most countries (including the US) and the population is large enough to be a good sample but small enough to be manageable…

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One Response to Hey Sony!!! We're not feeling the love down here

  1. Alex says:

    Bloody typical.

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