Let The Ice Age Begin !!!

After a monumental wait the decision in the Nine Vs IceTV case has been handed down….

I will have a link to our press release once it’s online but for now here are a few links to articles in the main stream press

Smarthouse News


The Age

As you can imagine this is a load off all our minds and is set to usher in a new phase in our business….

Watch This Space

UPDATE: We have our own post up now…

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2 Responses to Let The Ice Age Begin !!!

  1. Alex says:

    Fantastic news after such a long wait.
    Quite frankly I would have been outraged had they won.

    What I also personally find particularly sweet is in having to pay for the legal fees the “large company with unlimited funds to spend on this until you can’t afford to continue” tactic backfires.

  2. Paul says:

    Excellent! That means we’ll still have guide data for the foreseeable future :-)

    Good news indeed. A triumph for common sense.

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