Squeaky One Tooth…

Today is Viv’s birthday and Callum gave her a lovely present…..

He’s got his first tooth, I know this sounds blah to the non-parents (aka people with lives) but for those of us who are adding to the gene pool it’s kind of exciting.

Cal has been showing all the signs of teething so it’s nice to see something coming out of it.

Cal is getting REALLY close to proper crawling, in addition to the spinning on the spot and impersonating a preying mantis he has also started commando crawling.

It won’t be long before Cal will be terrorising his big brother…

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One Response to Squeaky One Tooth…

  1. Alex says:

    Oh damnit, I forgot again…..
    What is it with me and my complete clinical disability in remembering the birthday of anyone close to me, sometimes even family members.

    A very belated happy birthday.

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