iOS 4.1 adds HDR to camera app

One thing that piqued my interest from today’s Apple Event was the addition of HDR photography in iOS 4.1, being an iOS developer I grabbed the 4.1 GM and loaded it on to my iPhone 4, see an example of a photo taken in my home office

Click the images to see them at full resolution…

You can definitely see a big improvement in the HDR photo, the original photo is overexposed all over the place, granted neither image is spectacular but I certainly can’t see a downside in enabling the feature.

I was talking to one of my brother-in-laws last Sunday about image stacking and HDR and today I get HDR built into my phone…. Sweet!!

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One Response to iOS 4.1 adds HDR to camera app

  1. Paulito says:

    Nice improvement. This is a good example of HDR being used to make an image look closer to truth, rather than exaggeration for artsy sake.

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