It’s Facetime

Early today I received my payment for renting my soul to Optus for another 24 months, a brand spanking new iPhone 4.

The phone is gorgeous, everything about it is magic.

Now I am coming from an iPhone 3G which was getting a little long in the tooth and for the last couple of months I have been running various builds of iOS4 which on the 3G is just terrible.

There are hundreds of reviews of the iPhone 4 from people with more patience and better writing skills than I so I won’t even attempt to review the phone here.

So far, and I’ve only had the phone for less than a day, I have not been able to cause the phone to lose signal. My house gets ordinary coverage on Optus, somewhere around 2 at most 3 bars, and even doing the “Death Grip” I can only get it to drop to 1 bar. Suffice it to say I am not too concerned about “Antennagate”. I’ll keep you posted on how it performs over time.

Just for fun I decided to try Facetime, it looks cool in the ads but I figured it was one of those features that demos well but is largely useless, I called one of my IceTV ex-colleagues down in Melbourne and I will say Facetime rocked!!! The feature only works over WiFi and we have ADSL2+ (capped at 8MB down/1MB up), the video quality was great, audio was fine and it was much more engaging than I thought, it’s well worth taking it for a spin.

[Update: Since I started writing this post I found out that one of my sisters also got an iPhone 4 today so I “Facetimed” her as well 😉 it’s fun, give it a try…]

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