Geocaching, the modern day treasure hunt……

Inspired by my Texan colleague and enabled by my recent acquisition of a 3G iPhone I decided to have a crack at Geocaching.

For the uninitiated this involves trying to find a hidden cache of goodies based on GPS co-ordinates.

I checked out the definitive sight punched in the co-ordinates of my house and looked at the list of nearby caches.

Living out in the sticks as I do I expected their to be sod all choice, I was presently surprised to find one within 500m of my house!!!

I packed a little bag and Seth and I went to look for treasure….

I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of using the iPhone to find the cache, I added a bookmark on the phone at the GPS co-ordinates of the cache and just keep walking until the blue location dot meet the red map pin.

It actually took longer to find the cache once we got to ground zero than it did to walk from my place to the cache.

We ended up searching an area around 10m x 10m, it was off a trail in light bush so the GPS was struggling a little to keep a lock.

Sethy claimed a prize from the cache and we put something else in its place…

We are planning to check out another one next weekend about 1km in the other direction from our place.

If you are interested the cache we found is here

We are thinking about hiding one of our own as well, watch this space…….

Sethy with his treasure

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