3G iPhone….. Yay.

I decided to update my iPhone to the new 3G model for a number of reasons


* 3G data

* A locally supported legit phone

So far I’m very happy with the upgrade, Viv has inherited my previous phone which I pwned and updated to 2.0 on the weekend.

I have definitely noticed a difference in battery life, on my 2G iPhone with a heavy day of surfing the web and reading emails the battery is at 75% by the end of the day, on the 3G it is a little under 50%

I used the GPS continuously for around 40 mins on Sunday and by the end of the day the battery was down to around 20%

Strangely I rarely use my Phone for actual calls, for me it’s more of a handheld computer than a phone.

I haven’t done the standard unboxing shots so I’m sure Steve is reserving a place for me in hell for blaspheming but I can live with that. 😉

I did have one hiccup worth noting… I bought the phone on Thursday and found that on my was home on Thursday night it seemed to lose the ability to connect to the internet over the cell network. I would get a 3G or GPRS icon on the status bar as if it was connected but no internet apps would work.

I thought, damn I have to swap it for a new one after a couple of days but over the weekend I thought I would try a little poking around. I did a restore to the latest build of 2.0 (5A347), no luck… Then I thought, how about a fresh install and don’t restore settings from the last backup or sync contacts etc, ie fresh out of the box.

That did the trick of bringing it back to life, I can only imagine that some settings from the 2G backup messed it up. I’ve since synced the contacts etc back, the only things I lost were wi-fi & email settings, fav contacts in the “fav” phone page and sms history.

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough for now, the upshot is I have a nice shiny new 3G phone and I’m happy with it, Apple haters please feel free to post comments to /dev/null

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