Livin' It Large

As I posted earlier, we bought a new TV to replace our ageing 43" rear projection unit. It was delivered Saturday and I’ve set it up including a total rebuild of all the gear in the A/V cabinet, I can finally close the rear door again!!!!

Here’s how she looks in place

It’s funny, the "old" tv appears totally unwatchable now, the image is blury and washed out, the new machine is bright, crisp and clean.

Viv is well impressed and ranks it as one of our best purchases, she even watched Australian Idol in real time the other night so she could watch it in High Def…

Despite what my most A/V obsessed friend thought, the new TV hasn’t convinced me to stop watching "Channel BT" content ( in all its low res, compressed glory ) in favor of HD…

Maybe one day I’ll get an HD PVR and we’ll see what happens then, but for now I like to keep up to date with my shows 😉

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2 Responses to Livin' It Large

  1. Paul says:

    Watching compressed low-res media on your new plasma is the equivalent of buying a Porsche and keeping it parked in the garage.

    I am confident (or should I say “I hope”) that once you do decide to get high def recording ability you will change your tune and wonder why you didn’t do it earlier. I mean, you’ve had it all of 3 minutes, way too early to be making calls like that man!

    Looking good! Hope Seth hasn’t had his hands all over it yet 😉 Easy to clean though, being a glass front.

    I also find it funny that we’ve all got Plasmas in the space of a few months (after Alex’s lead).

  2. Alex says:

    Sweet. These are truly beauties.
    Funny how all three of us independently picked a Panasonic through independent observation.

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