PS3 – The Trojan Horse

So, not only was the PS3 a way to give Blu-ray a leg up over rival HD DVD, it appears that it is also set to take a bite out of the PVR market.

Smarthouse News are running a story about an upcoming add-on that will turn your PS3 into a TiVo-like video recorder….

Let’s hope Sony don’t do their usual trick of taking a good idea and making it painful and locking it down to stop users having any fun with it…

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2 Responses to PS3 – The Trojan Horse

  1. Paul says:

    The PS3 can kiss my shiny … oh wait, that’s right, I’ve got one these days. Damn nice it is too.

    If Alex gets one (he is strongly leaning that way), he will want to use the DVR functionality so we’ll get to see and judge that first hand, and compare it with Media Centre. I expect it will be quite good.

    And just to be pedantic, there’s no dash in HD DVD.

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