A New Format War Looming???

Arstechnica have a piece on the upcoming Wireless A/V connection standards…

In a nutshell we have in one corner

Philips, TZero Technologies and Radiospire Networks with “Wireless HDMI” running over UWB (which is the brainchild of the WiMedia Alliance consisting of over 200 international corporations and is promoted by HP, Microsoft, Nokia, Texas Intruments, Samsung and Sony).

This system will deliver 300+Mbps (theoretical max for the underlying UWB is 480Mbps) and will support up to 1080i using lossy JPEG 2000 compression.

and in the other corner

Samsung, Sony, NEC Corp, SiBeam, LG, Toshiba and Panasonic with WirelessHD, they formed the WirelessHD Consortium in 2005. Instead of UWB they use 7GHz of continuous bandwidth around the 60GHz band.

WiHD will transmit at 5Gbps and so will be able work without compression.

NOTE: It looks like Sony and Samsung have an each-way bet going 😉

Unfortunately WiHD won’t be available until sometime in 2008 while Wireless HDMI is exected to ship in September 2007….

Let the games begin…

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One Response to A New Format War Looming???

  1. Paul says:

    Good post. Very informative. I new of Wireless HDMI but had no idea of its (very important) limitations.

    Ah … so Wireless HDMI re-compresses my pristine HD content using JPEG 2000 hey. No no no. Hell no. Noooooooo. That simply won’t do.

    *Love* the new theme by the way :-)

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