The Boys

I don’t post often enough about two of the most important people in my life…

"The Boys"


Seth’s speech has really started to take off, he still rambles alot and most of it makes no sense at all, but, when he wants to say something he is very clear. We’ve been working on manners, so now when you give him a drink he says "Thank you Mummy" or "Thank you Daddy" as appropriate, the thank you sounds more like "et tu" but it’s getting close.

When Seth is watching TV and the News finishes he says "Bye News" in a clear and audible way.

When I get home from work he runs to the door to let me in calling "Daddy’s Home" as he goes. It melts your heart let me tell you.

I can ask him to do things like clean up his toys or hand him something and ask him to give it to Mummy or to Callum and have a reasonable expectation of him doing it…

Seth spun me out on the weekend, I was in the lounge and he was sitting on the floor next to me and I heard him clearly saying "KMart", I looked around and he had a receipt in his hand from KMart. I took the receipt from him and asked him "what is this?", he pointed straight at the KMart logo and said "KMart", Viv has repeated the test with a Coles receipt and another KMart receipt and he got them both right.


Callum is getting ready to start walking, he will stand upright for 10-15 secs at a time and take 2 or 3 consecutive steps. He’s saying Mummy and Daddy all the time now but not a lot else as yet.

Callum is just a crazy bundle of joy, in the morning when you go to get him out of bed he is always standing up in the cot, as soon as he sees you he starts bouncing up and down laughing and smiling so much that you think his face will split in half.

On the other hand though when he’s upset or sick he has a scream that can curdle your blood, Viv calls him "Little Feral" and I think she’s right on the money.

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