At the top of my "Bitch Slappin' List" this week….. the winner is? "NIGERIA"

Man I hate these Nigerian 419 scammers, on the weekend I (well, really Viv) listed my PSP and my old Sony-Ericsson K700i, in both cases we received a request for a “Buy it now” price, we decided to put one on. A little later both items were snapped up for the buy it now price by people in….. Have a guess!!!!


And of course in both cases they wanted to pay by direct deposit so they needed us to send them our full address and bank details. Now this info alone is not too helpful, and, as we allow direct deposit for local buyers our bank details are already available in the listing.

I said to Viv, I bet if we continue with the sale they will say something like

“I am having trouble getting my bank to send the payment, can you give me your drivers licence number or passport number to confirm the details”, and then you can watch as your bank account is mysteriously sucked dry….

Of course we relisted the items without a buy it now price and moved on, but what a pain in the ass…

I said to Viv, imagine if the buyer was some poor bastard who really lives in Nigeria and is continutally frustrated by his inability to buy anything on Ebay :)

More info on the reason for flogging my toys later…

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