Too good to be true??

If this product is real then I’m buying stock in the company…..

Atom Chip

A quick rundown of the specs..

  • Processor: 6.8GHZ CPU (AtomChip® Quantum® II processor or 4 x Intel® Pentium® M processors 1.7CHz)
  • System Compliance: Two Operating Systems with Voice Command (Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional and Linux®)
  • Memory: 1TB Quantum-Optical non-volatile RAM (NvIOpSRAM-SODIMM 200-pin)
  • Storage: 2TB non-volatile Quantum RAM (NvIOpRAM-ATA IDE)
  • Optical Drive: DVD Super Multi
  • LCD Display: 12.1″ WXGA (1280 x 800, 16:10) TFT Glare Type LCD display with 1.3 Mega pixel CMOS camera
  • Video & Graphics: Two Integrated graphic controllers [Intel®855GME internal graphics, support Intel® DVMT (Dynamic Video Memory Technology) and AtomChip® DVM (Dynamic Video Memory)]
  • Communication: 10/100 Base-T LAN on board, MDC Fax/Modem V.90/V.92 on Board, 802.11a/802.11b/802.11g WLAN, Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100/2200BG/2915ABG network connection, WiFi, Bluetoth, GPRS -with Bluetoth antena, CMOS camera with USB interface, Mega pixel resolution CMOS image
  • Pointing Device: Synaptics touchpad with 4 way scrolling button
  • Application Launch Key: E-mail, Internet, Capture, WLAN
  • LED Status Indicator: Power, Suspend/Resume, Battery Charging Status, Quantum Storage Access, Num Lock mode, Caps Lock mode, Scroll Lock mode, WLAN Lock mode
  • Keyboard: 3.0mm travel, inverted-T, 88keys with 2 windows key (Internet & Microsoft For Connectivity)
  • Interface Ports Front Side: One 4-in-1 card reader slot (support SDIO/SD/MS Pro/MS), Audio line out, Stereo Microphone-in
  • Interface Ports Left Side: LAN port, Modem port, SVGA-out port, One Type II PCMCIA slot (support CardBus), 1394A port (mini jack)
  • Interface Ports Right Side: USB 2.0 ports x 3
  • Interface Port Rear Side: DC-in, Kensington Lock
  • Audio: Built-in two stereo speakers and Built-in Microphone
  • AC Adapter (Input: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 1.5A. Output: 20V DC, 2.5A, 50W)
  • Battery: 6 cell Li-lon battery pack. Battery Charge: 3 hrs charge time to 100% capacity while system off and 4 hrs charge time while system on. Battery Life: Approximately 8 hours for AtomChip® Quantum® II processor and 3 hours for 4 x Intel®Pentium® M processors 1.7CHz
  • BIOS: AMI, Support PnP, password, Bootable from USB and DVD
  • Power Management: ACPI 2.0 compliance / Smart Battery System Support
  • Security: Kensington Lock
  • Size: 320.0(W) x 242.0(D) x 22.0(H)mm/28.0mm (front/back)
  • Weight: 1.9kg(when fully equipped with AtomChip® Quantum® II processor) and 2,20kg(when fully equipped with 4 x Intel® Pentium® M processors)
  • Packing Accessories: Quick Guide, Support CD (Driver, Utility, Manual), AC Adapter, Power Cord, Battery Pack, BOSE Headphone Music System with noise Cancelling.

I don’t know about you but I’d like a 6.8GHz machine with 1TB or RAM and 2TB or storage.

Or even just to buy one of the 2TB compact flash cards.

I guess we’ll have to wait for the CES show in Las Vegas next January to see if it’s legit…

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2 Responses to Too good to be true??

  1. I don’t believe a word of it, not a word. Let’s not forget, 1 TB is 1024 GB – one thousand and twent four gigabytes. That’s one million megabytes. Oh, and let’s just casually double that storage.

    And what’s with a 6.8GHz CPU. Did IQ’s just drop while I was away? Ma’am I already said it wasn’t indigenous, it was a derelict spacecraft, we homed in on it’s beacon. Woops, went in Aliens quote mode then, sorry.

    The figures just look to overblown to be realistic. But, I’ll be pleased to be proven wrong.

  2. Dan says:

    I agree it looks like a HUGE jump…

    Having said that, here is a review of an Hitachi 500GB Drive that shows that we are moving towards the TB storage range.

    I hope it’s true, imagine the splash it would make..

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