Squeaker in Da House

I know it’s late again….

On Saturday Viv and Callum ( aka squeaker ) finally returned home, now the fun begins :)

Viv is well, tired and sore, but well.

Squeaker is, well, alternating between being asleep and squeaking for the boobie..

It’s great to have the family all together. Seth doesn’t seem to know what to make of Callum, he basically ignores him completely unless he’s actually crying at which point Seth will look in his direction to see what’s going on.
I have noticed Seth peeking his head over the edge of Callums cot at times so he probably is a little curious.

We’re looking forward to watching the boys grow up together ( perhaps with another brother or sister in the not too distant future ).

Watch this space for the further adventures of Teeny and Squeaker…..

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