Topsy Turvy….

Oh, my, God….

There have been OSX on Intel rumours since the very first release of OSX, but that’s all they were, until now!!!!

I’ve been offline for the last 5 days as my wife has been sick in Hospital and I’ve had to look after the wee lad, I got to work today and surfed to my usual nerd news sites and what do I find????

Apple are switching to the Intel line of processors starting next year, they have a preview of Tiger that runs on a Pentium 4 and have released a new version of XCode ( the Apple development tools ) that produces binaries that will run on OSX on PPC or x86.

Have a look at the following links for more info

Mac Rumors

The Register


Apple Developer Site

From what I’ve seen the plan for Apple is to just replace the CPUs in their products with x86 chips, but once they start down that path there is always room to sell OSX86 ( my term not theirs ) as a box set just like Windows…

As a matter of interest, Leopard ( the next OSX version, which will run on PPC and x86 ) is due for release at the same time as Microsoft ships Longhorn…..

Let the speculation begin.

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