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Squeaker in Da House

I know it’s late again…. On Saturday Viv and Callum ( aka squeaker ) finally returned home, now the fun begins Viv is well, tired and sore, but well. Squeaker is, well, alternating between being asleep and squeaking for the … Continue reading

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It's a boy….

Well, finally the event we’ve all been waiting for, the birth of number 2. At approx. 11:48am on 21/06/2005 an icky, squirming, crying bundle of joy burst forth into the world. Officially he is called Callum David Drysdale but we’ve … Continue reading

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Topsy Turvy….

Oh, my, God…. There have been OSX on Intel rumours since the very first release of OSX, but that’s all they were, until now!!!! I’ve been offline for the last 5 days as my wife has been sick in Hospital … Continue reading

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