Ice in the Financial Review

As most of you would know, I work for IceTV as a software engineer.

We have only recently opened our doors to the public and we’re popping up in various media publications, there was an article about our hardware PVR the Topfield TF5000PVRt the review is fairly positive although the reviewer was really unhappy about the way that TV stations often allow programs to run over time so you miss the end if you record it.

Of course it is possible to manually pad your recordings by simply hitting the record button twice instead of once in the guide screen ( which will pop up the timer dialog where you can easily adjust the starting time and duration ) or you can use the feature we are currently testing which will automatically extend the recordings if there are no other timers that would conflict with it.

Subscribers to our service will have this feature very soon and I think it will improve their experience immensely.

For those who don’t get the financial review, here is the article.

AFR Article

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