Construction is progressing well…

Viv, Mum and I went to Westmead Hospital today for the 18 week ultrasound for “goober”.
We thought that Viv was approx 19 weeks into the pregnancy but after measuring various bits the ultrasound suggested that she was really approx 21 weeks.

It appears that all the right bits are there and there is no sign of abnormality which is wonderful.

We asked for the sex of the little one and both the sonographer and the Doctor are convinced that goober is a boy.

So, without further ado, please give a warm welcome to

Callum David Drysdale

he is due to make his debut sometime in the first half of June.


Interested parties can check out our Photo Gallery.

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One Response to Construction is progressing well…

  1. Paul Cordingley says:

    Callum? CALLUM? What are you people thinking?

    Seriously, that’s great news indeed.

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