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Ice Ice Baby ….

I’m changing jobs!!!! Yesterday I resigned from my position as Software Engineer with Dexion Integrated Systems, I have been working with DIS ( nee DS+, nee Custom Software ) for the better part of the last 9 years. During this … Continue reading

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It only takes a second…

How often do we hear a parent on TV saying “I only took my eyes off him for a second….” Words like these often form the lead in to a story about a tragedy that could easily have been avoided. … Continue reading

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My next TV….

Imagine a large HiDef TV, the thickness of a plasma, but the display quality of a CRT…. Here it is Flat-Panel SED they use significantly less juice then the current TV technologies as well. Of course they cost a crack … Continue reading

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Microsoft's AntiSpyware hit by Spyware

You’ve got to love this one…… M$ AntiSpyware application can be disabled by a recently discovered Trojan horse. Microsoft’s AntiSpyware hit by a Spyware

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Pepper Computer

I stumbled on a new gadget today called the Pepper Computer, basically a wireless web-pad running Linux on an Intel PXA270 CPU. The feature set looks good, the use of Linux as the OS suggests that it might be hackable, … Continue reading

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Another one bites the dust…

A few days ago it was announced that UPN will be cancelling Star Trek Enterprise at the end of the current season. Fan groups are trying to rally support to keep it going, see this link for details. Unfortunately I … Continue reading

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Construction is progressing well…

Viv, Mum and I went to Westmead Hospital today for the 18 week ultrasound for “goober”. We thought that Viv was approx 19 weeks into the pregnancy but after measuring various bits the ultrasound suggested that she was really approx … Continue reading

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Teeny Tizzies

Riddle me this Batman.. When I come home of an evening, Seth charges over to me ( sort of a crawling charge anyway ) and pulls himself up on my legs, I then have to pick him up and give … Continue reading

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